aspartamepic DID YOU KNOW? If you are suffering from: depression, aggression, anxiety, irritability, phobias, severe depression, personality changes, memory loss, mood disturbances, dizziness, numbness in limbs, severe tremors, facial pain, seizures, headaches or migraines, confusion, fatigue, slurred speech, hyperactivity, nausea, vertigo, skin lesions, ringing in the ears, loss of taste, muscular and joint pain, irregular menstrual cycle, heart attack symptoms, menstrual cramps, diarrhea, abdominal pain, painful swallowing, asthma-like symptoms, thinning hair, hair loss, burning during urination, excessive thirst, fluid retention, high blood pressure, allergic reactions in the mouth, weight gain or loss, leg swelling, bloating, peptic ulcers, pain, carpal tunnel, cancer symptoms just to name a few you could have a sensitivity to artificial sweeteners like aspartame or in fact could not just be sensitive but highly allergic to them? Would you even know if you were?

Aspartame can be found in diet sodas, coffee, yogurt, gum, cooking sauces, crisps, tabletop sweeteners, drink powders, flavored water, sugar-free products, cereals, medications and more. It’s very likely you are consuming it even if you are reading labels and trying to avoid it as it is many times disguised under different names and just about everywhere! Aspartame poisoning can cause dangerous symptoms and may even cause DEATH!

This little tidbit of information is not meant to replace the advice of your health care provider as I am not an expert in these types of matters, however I am an expert of looking deeper into what makes my body tick as well as sick!! Everyone should be their own expert! This body we live in is it and just as a car needs maintenance and care so you do! Put in good gas and oil and it will treat you well, put in bad gas and never change the oil and …. Well I bet you’re getting the point. Have I made you think? If so then I have achieved my purpose. Go ahead and do your own research. If you have no time for research then maybe if you saw yourself in any of the symptoms above you owe it to yourself to at least start avoiding it or maybe even see if you have a sensitivity or an allergy to aspartame. If you’re not sure how to do that then check out for a real easy to follow plan on how to test whether aspartame could be causing your symptoms and illness. For me I choose to avoid it however and whenever I can!!